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MP&F is responsible for the supply and installation of both direct and indirect individual heat metering systems. It also carries out the maintenance and management of metering systems, data processing and the drafting of consumption reports.

Business need
The extensive experience gained in the sector has highlighted the potential benefits of the individual heating accounting process which can be applied to the vast existing residential condominium park. A monthly invoice was requested which, based on the contractual conditions of the gas supply, could be used to power the heating plant and could also report any irregularities within a month.

Why Wattsdat?
MP&F chose Wattsdat so that it could take advantage of the platform which, by using energy diagnostics and meter readings, produces the bill for each individual housing unit in a generic condominium and reports any anomalies diverging from the fixed economic objectives.

Thanks to the Wattsdat platform, it is possible to rapidly model a generic condominium and achieve a high degree of interoperability with different accounting data acquisition platforms. For this reason, the platform can be used by both individual condominiums and administrators seeking to offer a value-added service to administered condos, with the possibility of including maintenance services.