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Eataly is a chain of medium and large retail outlets specialising in the sale and distribution of quality Made in Italy food products and catering services.

Business need
From managing the central warehouse that serves all Italian retail outlets, it has emerged that energy consumption has increased over the years, particularly with regard to lighting.

When choosing a new lighting system, special attention must be paid to the characteristics of the site and to the methods imposed by logistics to ensure that the correct choice is made in terms of energy usage, logistics and, above all, maintenance.

Why Wattsdat?
Eataly chose Wattsdat because it offered an approach that did not require sophisticated technology and vendors and because it quantitatively analysed the use of lighting in relation to the working conditions of the warehouse. Wattsdat installed a series of meters to provide a rapid analysis of electricity costs which it used to help select both technology suppliers and installers. This initiative has helped cut energy consumption by over 60% and has led to a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs, thus contributing to the significant improvement of the working environment.