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Eataly is a chain of medium and large retail outlets specialising in the sale and distribution of quality Made in Italy food products and catering services.

Business need
The development of commercial initiatives in Italy and abroad requires an ever-increasing focus on the management of energy consumption in order to improve both the quality of products sold and the environment in which the company operates.

Why Wattsdat?
Eataly chose Wattsdat to manage its integrated supply of commodities (electricity, gas, district heating and water) and to identify areas and initiatives for improvement by breaking down the areas of consumption. From the data collected, Wattsdat has contributed to the active management of the purchase portfolio by using innovative methods for contracts and relations with suppliers.

The data analysis carried out by Wattsdat has prevented Eataly from being impacted by the energy price increases of the last two years and has helped it to offer an increasing range of services at its retail outlets without increasing consumption.