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Internet of Things Observatory - Polytechnic University of Milan

The Observatory was founded in 2011 as a response to the growing interest of public and private companies in the potential offered by the new "Internet of Things" (IoT) paradigm. The Observatory aims to investigate real opportunities by combining the technological perspective with the managerial one; and this in an environment characterised by a lack of clarity in terms of the innovation of applications, the benefits provided and the expected evolution of the market.

Why are we partners?
We believe that only from the creation of an ecosystem where there exists a real commitment and desire to evolve is it possible to protect the environment and create a new economy based on the opportunities offered by the "IoT". The approach of the Research Department and the desire of large companies and start-ups to collaborate and share is in line with the style of Wattsdat, which strongly believes in technology as an enabler of new opportunities and new jobs which benefit both the environment and the economy.


smartEn is European business association for digital and decentralised energy solutions, focussing on the interaction of demand and supply in an integrated, decarbonised system.

Why are we partners?
We’ve choosen smartEn because we share the same vision: smartEn impressed us for the clarity of the positions, for the possibility of being an active part in the working groups and Committees and, above all, for the ability to combine the strategic vision with the search for concrete solutions, with a team spirit which unites the members and the smartEn team.

Torino Wireless

Torino Wireless was established in 2003, as a wide partnership between public and private Regional and National actors, to lead the foremost Italian hi-tech district focused on ICT, a shared and coordinated project for the knowledge based development of the Piemonte Region.
Today, Torino Wireless manages the Regional Innovation Cluster on ICT and Multimedia and the National Technology Cluster for Smart Communities, providing innovation-related services to both companies and public stakeholders, with a special focus on complex projects related to Smart City.

Why are we partners?
We shared the goal of the Polo to encourage the development of innovation and increase the competitiveness of Companies, supporting them in the development of research projects with high technological content with strong potential and repercussions on the local economic fabric.

Oracle is a global enterprise cloud computing provider that delivers leading-edge capabilities for software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service and data as a service.

Why are we partners?
Being an Oracle Gold Partner is an important achievement for Wattsdat and gives recognition to the quality of its platform. This partnership provides Wattsdat with access to all the cutting-edge tools needed to make concrete use of all the Data Energy in the safest, most effective and powerful way possible.
Being an Oracle Gold partner allows us to use and make available to customers all of Oracle's technologies. It also gives access to particularly affordable pricing models that produce immediate economic benefits, regardless of the type and size of the business.