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Conference - "Smart Home: where IOT is, there is home"

17 February 2020

The Internet of Things Observatory of Politecnico di Milano organized the conference "Smart Home: where there is IoT, there is home" on February 18, 2020, presenting the results of its research on topics such as market value, consumer perspective, business models, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

Wattsdat has participated as a Partner in the research path that has highlighted how home is one of the most dynamic areas of the IoT, with a market that has among the highest growth rates (+ 40% compared to 2018, achieved 520 million euros). But comparing the absolute value with that of other Countries such as Germany, UK and France, Italy still lags behind.

The consumer increasingly plays a key role: the level of knowledge increases and the number of users who install independently and use the smart features of the object once purchased increases. And this opens up important growth prospects for Companies operating in this market.