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Conference - Internet of Things: Innovation starts from here

On April 7, during a national conference, Wattsdat will participate in the discussion of the results of the research conducted by the Internet of Things Observatory of Politecnico di Milano with the main players in this market and with leading exponents from the world of institutions and academic research.

Category: News
Conference - "Smart Home: where IOT is, there is home"

The Internet of Things Observatory of Politecnico di Milano organized the conference "Smart Home: where there is IoT, there is home" on February 18, 2020, presenting the results of its research on topics such as market value, consumer perspective, business models, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

Category: News
E-mobility as an energy resource

smartEn's publication on e-mobility as an energy resource with a foreword by Transport Commissioner Adina-Ioana Valean showcases a collection of best practices to drive regulatory changes.

Category: Articolo
Utility Day | Fifth edition

The fifth edition of Utility Day, organized by IKN Italia, brought together over 600 participants from the Gas & Power sector and was held for the first time in two days, on 27 and 28 November.

Category: News