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Energy saving and energy management: earning whenever you spend and improving the environment in which we live

We believe that we can overturn the general way of thinking by showing that what you spend today can provide income tomorrow, all whilst protecting the environment. And the best part? It’s completely straightforward.

Our main strength is the wealth of information contained in the data generated by the production of goods and the provision of services. By linking consumption practices and data analysis it is possible to generate value.

Each object generates a myriad of data that we are able to manage and transform into information to give us a clear picture of what the data indicates. This is what we refer to as data energy.

One of our distinguishing features is our use of different technologies to improve the use of energy resources. In order to concretise this feature, we have developed a cloud platform that adapts to different contexts and provides information from the data collected.

The knowledge generated by the platform, therefore, represents the knowledge of an "energy manager” and can be accessed by clients who can use it in a simple and effective way in order to manage their relationships with service and technology suppliers.

We are so confident in the strength and potential of our network, which is made up of a range of technologies, experiences and people, that we have created a team of professionals to suggest initiatives to our clients. In addition to leveraging the information assets generated and reducing consumption, these initiatives also allow value to be generated.

Why choose Wattsdat

  • To ensure that energy is a shared and exchangeable good, allowing everyone - Sellers, Consumers, Prosumers, Aggregators - to play an active and informed role.
  • To improve the environment and generate economic value for communities and businesses operating in the energy field, by employing energy in an innovative way.
  • To easily manage energy and have concrete, measurable and specific results.