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Energy of Things

Energy management

The energy transition means companies and consumers are faced with new scenarios and new opportunities. The Wattsdat platform helps users understand where, how and why energy is consumed and translates energy use into real economic amounts. The platform's algorithms are able to accurately determine the true cost of each single part of a generic system - smart district, building, home - using a configurable and customisable model. The possibility of elaborating scenarios and carrying out sensitivity analyses means users can identify the information needed, both in terms of forecasting and for the final amounts, in order to genuinely improve profitability and protect the environment.

  • Modelling of energy systems, contracts and prices
  • Scenario analyses
  • Planning and control of energy costs
  • Internet Of Things
Titolo editoriale: 
Energy of Things

The most comprehensive cloud-based energy management platform for monitoring and controlling electricity and gas consumption.